Long Fox Dachshund Apparel is a members-only store.

We produce the best fitting Dachshund garments on the market, made in the USA in small batches. There is only limited availability, and for this reason we function as a closed club.

Follow instructions below to apply for VIP membership, obtain sizing consultation, and buy the best of the best for your dogs.


Made to perfectly fit the unique anatomy of Dachshunds and fully meet their breed specific needs

All our garments are designed specifically for Dachshunds.

When wearing Long Fox, your Dachshund will not experience any wardrobe malfunctions. They will not walk out of their clothes, their legs will stay in, and they will enjoy supreme comfort and protection.

Unlike most dog clothes on the market, all Long Fox garments completely cover the bottom of your dog's chest while allowing for full range of motion. Our outfits protect your short-legged family members from cold, rain, mud, wind, snow, ice, sleet, grass rash, chest abrasions, sunburn, and make quite the fashion statement.

Thousands of Long Fox customers confidently say, "NOTHING ELSE BEGINS TO COMPARE!"